Hey there Travelers! How are you? I’m so excited that this is my first FULL ENGLISH post! So I hope I do not disappoint you and you can follow my travelblog from now on 😉

One trip that got me really enthusiastic was Cusco! and not only for being one of my favorites and the Peruvian must/star destination, but because it is the ultimate destination for any traveler.

In the first Peruvian Luxuy Blogtrip, we have the amazing participation of JW Marriott Cusco, Sumaq Machu Picchu hotel and Hada Tours and it was one of the most beautiful trip experience I ever had. We were treated like queens, traveler queens 😉 and they showed us the Peruvian premium service efficiency in a really comfy way! We’ve been very glad to share all of this ecperience.

I will be posting also about each sponsor, but for now I want to start with a very useful post that will help you get together a list of things you can’t forget to the Machu Picchu tour…

machu picchu

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1. Sunscreen:

The Cusco Sun is really intense, heats the area in minutes and produce skin burns in a very aggressive way. SPF 50 is the best for face and body and it is very important to take it with you and apply it almost every hour to avoid irritation or allergies, trust me! I have seen big “macho” men, suffering like kids after a sun exposure in these climates. Also you’re “peeling” skin will not be attractive 😛

2. Sunglasses:

I mean quality sunglasses with UV protection, do not let glare stops you for appreciate tremendous place! Now also, if you are clumsy as me, look for shock resistance glasses considering all the steps and that you’ll be taking pics while walking, climbing, etc. In this case, all chic girls travelling we were trying to keep up with style 😉
Talia and I are using Michael Kors for GMO Peru, not only they have all those features but also they are beautiful!!!


3. Hat or Hair protector:

The girls that accompanied me got really cute hats on the Sacred Valley Market, but you can see lots of tourists and guides covering themselfs with any hat or covers since this climate mistreats hair brutally. It can also give you headache. Honestly for me is a little bit uncomfortable so in counterpart I used a very powerful hair blocked which also helps you with frizz…

Chic tip = > One thing that always happens in Cusco is that you get ” straight style ” hair, making your hair loose volume but in a good way, but as when you straight it up on a saloons it can get a little frizzed so if you take something that can reduce that effect great!

4. Repellent:

Mosquitoes are always lurking and no matter the time of year it is always good to have a repellent on hand to avoid being bitten. It is very uncomfortable to be dealing with them during the tour so the more protected the better!

machu picchu

5. Comfortable Shoes :

No matter what kind of shoes you prefer,choose the ones with not slippey sole, resistant, especially for rainy season. No doubt they’ll get dusty or muddy. Any casual resistan shoes can do it, but if you plan to take a big walk or adventure on a trek find specialized outdoor sports shoes. You’ll thank me 🙂

6. Layered Clothing:

As I said, one thing you should know about Cusco climate is that you never know! No matter what the weather channel says or misleading clouds of the rainy season pretend to tell you, the sun can leave at any time and if it comes out with power it will not only burn but you’re going to sweat! and a lot! The trick of these climates are the layers. Do not go like it’s summer, but not a single big Warm sweater either, it’s best to take 2 or 3 layers of clothing, depending on your convenience. A bag, a shirt a poncho all will do it, but the important thing is whether you can take it easily on the hand or bag and that is as comfortable as it can gets. I decided to get a layer ” Inca style Chal”, to wrap myself with it in the shade or when the sun does not come out completely but take it off easily when the weather changed. You can see Anny chose something similar but with a leopard style scarf.

machu picchu, cusco


7. Document Case:

This is vital, since departure from  Cusco,  you’ll have to take a series of documents that ensure your space on the train, in the citadel, on the bus, on tour, etc. Everything should be on hand and  organized and have it in the bag for your peace of mind.  In a next post I will tell you everything you need to take the tour and what are the best options;)

8. Photo Camera:

Hey, cellphones are valid ! They are making them better and better right ? But we must  accept a professional camera , never hurts . I must also remind you that many people visit Machu Picchu , this means that the important points or scenic lookouts get congested and taking pictures quickly will beneffits you, the much effective  your camera is, the better. Take lots of pictures and then filter your favorites.

9. SelfieStick:

One way not to disturb other visitors to the Sanctuary is having a selfie Stick, you can take all the pics you need and can control the landscape matching your faces! hehe It is worthwhile to carry one, vital for any traveler !

machu picchu, go pro

10. GoPro:

But if you have the opportunity to lead a Go Pro , not even think about it, foolproof and with the best possible effect, no matter the movement or the sun , or water or anything! And the videos a success!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you that if you stay at the JW Marriott Cusco they will provide the GoPro!! so you can record and share all your adventure through the Inca land, how great is that?

Well, what do you think?? Did I missed something?? Comment or Share your tip 😀

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Untill the Next Post!

Bon Voyage!




  1. Mere S
    01/18/2016 14:17

    Hey! I follow you on Instagram (I’m @meremere7890) and saw your post about Machu Picchu! I’ve been before, but my family is coming to Peru next week and we’re going to Cusco & MP. I’m super excited, and your list was helpful to remember what to tell my family to pack (sunscreen & hats especially)! I want to look cute this time at MP and get some cute pictures with family, and I like how simple but cute your outfit was! And your hair looks great in the pics! My hair was everywhere when I went, haha.

  2. Jose
    06/09/2016 22:29

    if you want to come to Cusco and you dont have plan, you have to see this page in this page you will find prices for transportation in Cusco.

  3. Bryan
    09/15/2016 16:03

    your travel to Peru and machu picchu was beautifull, your photos are great.
    if you need information about others tours in Peru, you can find good information in:

  4. Salkantay Trek
    12/02/2016 17:54

    Salkantay Trek is the alternative to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was recently named among the 25 best Treks in the World, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.

  5. Inka Trail
    12/24/2016 14:54

    The Inka Trail to Machu Picchu is rated among the best trekking trips in the world because of the exquisite beauty of its natural surroundings; these include different ecological areas from high deserts to Andean Tropical rain forests.


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